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Harry Haubenstock


10/1/42 E


Written after they moved, Harry describes his craving for a moment to talk privately with Sala. He says that he will hopefully get used to the new conditions which he claims have taken a tole on his nerves.

Full Translation

My dearest Salusia, Salusia, it’s terrible that we can’t get together in a place where we can talk alone, but it can’t be helped. What did you do all afternoon? I walk around here like a lost sheep. I hope. I’ll be able to get used to the conditions here. Dearest Salusia. don’t worry, I’ll try to get used to everything, the main thing is that we’re together. Please send me some cigarettes because I don’t have any left and I’ll send you 2 good cigarettes. Dearest Salusia, don’t be mad at me because I left myself go so this morning. It’s all due to my bad nerves. I hope they’ll calm down. Please, dear Salusia, write me today because we’ll not see each other apparently for it’s late already. Sleep well and don’t worry. I kiss you a thousand times, yours gratefully, Harry

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