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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




Harry is clearly nervous about Janosch's loyalty, and his willingness to help them. He pushes Sala to tell L.F. that she does not want to stay behind on her own.

Full Translation

My dearest little bride, Just now I watched from the window as Janosch and Kaufmaim had a very heated discussion. After what you told me about Janosch and Mila, I consider J. capable of doing anything to harm us. Also you may just simply tell L. F. that you don’t want to stay behind on your own. Salusia, dearest, you must use all your craft to get us out of here. The tension is dreadful in the run, particularly knowing that there are forces working against us, even though, I believe, that J. won’t be able now to get L.F. to do anything. J. promised you to send K. off and he didn’t do that either, even though he had the opportunity last time. K. will want to stay now. The latest thing is that K. talks to me whenever he has a chance. My sweet, little bride, just thinking that you might stay behind here with these two, robs me of my peace of mind. Dearest Salusia, I ask you, please look for an opportunity to talk so we know what to do about Lojcher. Please write me, I kiss you a thousand times, yours always, Harry

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