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Harry Haubenstock




Harry is worried that Sala will be alone with Janosch, without Mila. He reproaches himself for persuading Sala to leave Gross Paniow, and that he left without her. He assures her he will be loyal.

Full Translation

My beloved Salusia, I’m endlessly sorry - and I don’t want to disappoint you - but I lost hope that L.F. will help in any way. My dearest, beloved Salusia, whatever will be, nothing can separate me from you, you’re with me, even if there are [thousands of] kilometers between us, I will always, my sweet little bride, keep my word and be loyal. The only thing that will worry me - even though I have the greatest trust in you - is knowing that you will be alone with J Mila. Salusia, my beloved, little bride, please write me some lines to set my mind at ease today I am in a frame of mind that is at its worst today. My sweetheart, All I can say over and again is that I love only you and I will never love another. Salusia, beloved little girl, I would have loved to kiss your tears away but one is never alone here. I bitterly reproach myself for persuading you to leave Paniow and also that I left with you. Mein dearest, for now I remain, with thousands of kisses, yours always, Harry Cygan Maybe we all see this too gloomily and maybe we will still be able to be happy together.

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