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Letter #


Harry Haubenstock




Birthday greetings, why haven't you written? Sending you photo from Gross Paniow. Every love has to be tested by suffering and separation. You can rely on me.

Full Translation

My dearest Salusia, I’ve been told some time ago, that it’s allowed to write from women’s camps. I am therefore wondering, my dearest, why I haven’t had any news from you yet. My beloved Salusia, I wish you all the very best for your birthday, firstly, a speedy reunion with your and my dear parents. I wished our reunion were to take place today rather than tomorrow. My dearest Salusia, I’m sending you the little photo from Gr. P., it’s presently the most precious thing I own, because we were together then. I have yet an received which I received from dear Mila. How wonderful it would be if you could be with me now, but every love has to be tested by suffering and separations, even though it’s not necessary in our case. You know very well that you can rely on me. Dearest Salusia, it might hurt you, if I write you this, but by this you’ll be able to realize, how well you acted. I was given to read a letter by Janosch, written by Kaufman to Mila, after Janosch and I had already left. He wrote in this letter that he never had you in mind with his love, but only Mila. That was the most important part of the letter. There were also many things about Janosch and Mila in there, but I can’t tell you unfortunately. After that Mila put an end to the affair by letter, when she heard about this all. My sweet little bride, this will probably rob you of all good notions you have left of men. However, I’m asking you not to judge me by this standard, for there are no girls for me, just one single beloved Salusia!! My dearest, once again I wish you all the best for your birthday and remain yours eternally, Harry

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