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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




This letter comes in the wake of a message from Sala in which she is anxious about her family's situation. In it, Razial attempts to allay those fears.

Full Translation

Dearest Sister Salu! What is going on? Why are you so upset? What is it that we wrote? Dear Sister, we all cried reading the postcard. We implore you not to worry about us. Everything here is in perfect order and everybody is at home. There is no reason to worry. What you worry about is unfounded. God may help us that there may be no more trouble. Again, don't worry. We know why you are so upset. I wrote you that things could be better, no doubt about that. That's a figure of speech and it doesn't hurt for things to be better. I asked you how much you earn, only I can't remember in what context. There is no reason to worry. You ask, how many cards we received. Well, no more than 6 altogether. Dear Salu, we heard that over there they pay you. Here, we haven't received more than RM*10. Dearest Sister, you complain that we write so rarely. I may say the same to you. We write very often, but it looks as if you didn't receive everything. Probably the best is to write by mail and after 2 days one receives the mail, while it takes 10-12 days through the community. If you haven't received our mail, don't worry, it is just a delay, nothing more. We give you our warmest regards. Everyone is well and at home and not on the road. Remember Salu, everything is okay. Write often, we don't receive much mail from you either. Have you received our two letters? Don't worry. *[Reichsmark]

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