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Letter #


Jakob Goldberg




Regards from future brother-in-law

Full Translation

Dear Sara, I want you to know that I received your card last week. I'm very glad [to hear] that you are well and have been home. Now, Sara, I want you know that I am well, thank God, and hope this is true of you also. Thank God, I have enough to eat here and I feel very good. Dear Sara, I would have loved to see you very, very much and I hope that God will help us to get together. Please, dear Sara, write what is new with you and how you're doing. You needn't worry about me, everything is alright, dear Sara. I have nothing else to write about and I give you my regards and kisses. My God give us a happy reunion. Now, for the New Year all the best in the next year. Your future brother-in-law, Jakob Goldberg .

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