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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Angry that she hasn't heard from Sala. How can you make us suffer, where is your conscience, no news from you or parents or Laya Dina.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I’m trying this last one time to write you, Sala. If you’re not going to reply, then it’s fine also. If it’s ok with you that your sisters should have to suffer so much, then we’ll have to say unfortunately, sobe it. What happened to your conscience? How can you tolerate to be silent after so many letters? Isn’t ii enough that we hav have no mail from our dear Lajcia, no news from our dear parents and now you’re fooling around with us? We’re imploring you again to write us and let us know whether you’re well How are you? Maybe you have mail from our dear Lajcia? Are you getting mail from Ala, Chamek? We are well and impatiently waiting for mail to your anxious Rozia and Blima. Warm regards to Miss Ginter, Miss Artman from their sisters and us. R.

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