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Letter #


David Krzesiwo




Children are well. Don't be angry because we write so little. May God give that I don't have to write him a postcard for him to relieve our sufferings.

Full Translation

Most beloved and esteemed sister Sala, To begin with, I want you to know that everything is fine with me, everyone’s well and, most important, at home. The children are also and Salusia as well. Don’t worry about me at all dear Sala. Be well and keep your strengths up. Keep your spirits up and, most important, stay well. Otherwise, there is nothing new with me. I received your postcard and read it with great pleasure, that is, not your postcard, but the postscript on Dorka Feldman’s card. Dear Sala, don’t be angry at me because we write so little. You know for yourself that I can’t just get away to write you a postcard. And if you shouldn’t get anything in writing from me. you mustn’t worry, because it just means that I don’t have an opportunity, that is to say, if Fela B. doesn’t have any time. I’m also sending regards to Sala. May God give that I don’t have to write Him a postcard for us sisters and parents to be able to sit together at a table and rejoice. Warm regards and kisses from your sister, brother-in-law and children Special greetings from your Salusia. Stay well and don’t worry.

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