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Ala Gertner




Married holtz. He's working. She's working at the Jewish community. Playful. Little Bernhard did a lot of good things for me. Rainy day.

Full Translation

My dear child, Sarenko. I received your postcard, thank you. Little Bernhard started working and already left for work. I was beginning to get nervous, but I met the black one from Soldyn in GroB Chrudel last Sunday. She somehow put me at ease. I just regret that you’re away from Harry. I remember that Brania liked you and she’s making herself useful here. How is Miss Neuberger doing? We’re working at the Jewish community and yet our thoughts are always with the camp. Little Bernhard did a lot of good things for me recently. He’s a nice boy anyway, it’s just a pity that you’re not with us. Today is a rainy day and you know how this type of weather always make me sentimental. Next week we’ll know, if we’ll go to the camp. How many hours are you working in the factory? Are you well? I’m remembering our little room in Geppersdorf and I’m sorry that we’re not together now. Little Bernhard works with the orderlies now. Did you know, Sala, that Hela Perl . . ., is in a camp again? - Röhnsdorf - field work. Warm regards and kisses, Yours. Little Ala [ Holtz Gertner] regards from Branka

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