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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel begins the letter by addressing Sala's concern that the family expects her to send more money than she earns. She tells Sala the family is simply "overjoyed" simply to receive anything from sala. Later, Raizel describes how Salusia pesters her until Raizel allows her to include some of her practice letters into the note. While the letter is incomplete, Salusia's contribution to the document remains.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, To begin with, dear Sala, we can't understand your defense that you couldn't send us more money than you earn. Did we ever say that it was too little? I had just meant to emphasize that you shouldn't get too close (?) to the "jakrys", but we made no pretexts, in order to get more [money]. No matter how much you're sending us, we're always overjoyed. But it isn't important what you wrote, the important thing is that we received mail from you, for we were very worried. Just know, that before the mail arrived, none of us slept a wink all night, that's how restless we all were. That can't be described in words. Who can possibly describe what goes on in our hearts until the postman comes? The heart is beating fast, wishing that only mail may arrive. I was standing by the window in L.D.'s apartment, even neglecting the children, and he just came here. And look, look, here he is. I didn't even wait for him, I had no patience for that, so I followed the children. Meanwhile, I heard Bejglmacher's and other names called out. I'm getting dizzy, who knows, who knows? The children may have felt my restlessness and said, "A ja mowiz B. ze bsdre poczta od P. Sali napewmo i jedno slodsic dzieck doseb do okno ai z radoici zakrojkus lo." See, I made it, I received mail from Miss Sala. Quickly she ran down and brought up your postcard. My, first of all, I had to sit down on Mr. Mint's stone, may he forgive me. The child doesn't stop pestering me. She wants to write something and doesn't let me finish. Well, she wants to please you. She says that she would love to write something that she learned to write. I think you will like it very much. ......... "nareszcie siejey pozbylam" but she keeps saying, you will kiss her when you come here. Well said, and she wants to know when she will see you. Oh, how much I would like to kiss her in this moment, while she sits there writing, looking so sweet and pretty. Now enough of her. I have to tell you the rest. Blima yelled over from her house whether there was mail from you. And her joy cannot be described. Probably you want to know why we were so downcast until we received your card. Well, that's how it was: I walked along the street and met Mrs. Gärtner and she said that there was a letter for us at her home and they...

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