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Sidney Kirschner




Received her letter, eager for her to come. Don't worry about ship crossing. Regards from mother and grandmother

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, How happy I am, because today I received mail from you. And what a letter!!! Your letter containing the letter from the army in Frankfurt was the best news of all. Now it can't take that much longer. My God, enough time has gone by that I haven't been able to be together with my Sala, my Sala, who is my whole life. I'm counting every day, every minute until you come to me. The little cutting is from a paper here in New York and it says that the longest it will take for you to come here is the end of the sixth month. Maybe you can come much sooner. I need you very much. Don't be afraid to go onto the ship, Sala. From my own journeys I can tell you that I didn't get sick, the journey was very nice. Only my heart was aching, because I knew that I left you back in Ansbach... How many times I nearly cried just to be together with you, but I got over it thinking that you'll come soon. Then it will be the same. I'm missing you very much. Now I know what real love means. Every minute that we're not together is too much. The first day of my return home was very nice. All my brothers and my sister with her child were there. The first thing they said was, 'Mazel Tov' - and asked for photos of you right away. Everybody, everybody says how beautiful you are. I already told them a long time ago in one of my letters. Now, I don't need anything now, only you. Since you're there, Sala, I'm very happy. I'm now working in the store as I used to. Mama keeps talking of the time when you will be here. We will have a wedding soon - a big wedding, as it ought to be. We will talk more about you when you get here. And your sister, maybe we can take her over to America. Only come, my dear Sala, there are so many things for us to do, come to me soon. Amen. My mother is very happy that you received the parcel. Was everything okay? Is everything okay??? Have you received the money from David? He was supposed to give you money that had arrived for me. Do you have enough??? If you need any, tell Moineck - I'll give it back to him in America. As you told me not to, I won't send you any more parcels - but I'll send one to your sister, if only you'll let me know what to send. Are you well, precious Sala? I hope that everything is in order. My mother and grandmother send best and warmest regards. Give my regards to everyone in Ansbach. Yours, forever, Sid

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