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Sidney Kirschner




Miss you, now I know what true love is. Planning wedding.

Full Translation

My darling Sala, The entire day is different, whenever I receive a letter from my Sala. And today, I also received a telegram of the 24th. As I can see, you don't have any information so far, as to when you will be able to come. I'm waking up in the morning with only one thought: if only, if only Sala has written that she can leave now. It can't be long now - how long, only God knows. Sala, you asked me why I didn't write how everything looked like. I can tell you, my only concerns are about you and when I'm writing a letter, I'm asking too many questions about your coming. Salushie, now I have a real understanding of what true love is about. Our love is true love. And since I'm away from you, my greatest question surely is when we will be able to be together. With this on my mind, I'm forgetting to write about everyday matters. Sala, I can't forget the wonderful day and minutes we spent together. No, it's impossible and I want to know when we will be together always. I want to be together with my Sala so much. When I go to the store with my brother early in the morning, I always look first whether there's a letter from you and when Mama comes, the first thing she always asks is whether there is mail from you. Sala, how wonderful it will be, when you get here! We will be living together so happily. Together forever! Amen. I wrote you about my sister and the little girl she has. The first week, she was very sick but, thank God, she is better now. My sister and the child are with us now. Mama has so little space anyway, but my sister will go home next week to her own place. The girl is so beautiful, a little bunny (?), a little kitten and she cries a lot. Mazel tov ... When I saw, how difficult it has been for my sister, I started getting scared. The two little boys are so good. In the morning, I take them to the yeshivah. They keep saying, 'How is Sala - Aunt Sala? When does Sala come?' I'll send a photo soon that I took of the kids in the park. Sala, you should hear how they're asking the four questions and how they do the Kiddush. A joy to listen to them. My brother's daughter also came to the seder, they'll get married in September. (We mustn't wait for them). Once you come, dearest Sala, we'll have a beautiful wedding. Grandmother sends her best and warmest regards. She's always so happy when I give her your regards. Warmest regards from my dear Mama, my brother and sister and the children. Best regards to your sister and all friends in Ansbach. Be well, precious Sala, and come soon. Your husband, forever with much love, Sid

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