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Letter #


Sala Garncarz




Sala writing to prospective mother-in-law. Just a kosher girl from a kosher home. Looking for your approval.

Full Translation

Our dear Salus, So the sun did come out from behind the clouds . . . . . Is it really true? Finally–what happiness___ We have a second letter from you. Salus, as I read your words, I get gooseflesh. Oh_ So you went back home, to the house from which our dear Parents were forced to leave. As I understood, you could not stay there long. I can see that you did wander a lot, and that you found our names on a list. Is that so? Rest assured that destiny is guiding us. Do not reproach yourself that you have not found us in Bergen Belsen any more, apparently that’s how it had to be. My life could well have ended in Bergen because I, Rozia, was very ill there. By now I am almost well, being cured in a sanatorium, so that I might leave this place soon. Blimka is well and she is to start working now. Both of us feel good. . . . My only wish is to receive good news about you and also [about our dear ones.] Did you [get] the news about our Moszek D. from Pola Czarka, or from someone else? If [it was from Pola] maybe you could ask her to supply you with more specific news about him, since they were in camp together. We want to know even the worst news, as we are prepared for everything. I think that our David is also [alive], one only needs to know where to look for him. . . . . Since in this case no list is of help, we might just find out about him by some coincidence. I am also inquiring about Herszlik, of whom no trace is left. He was in Russia, in the town of Dombus, and worked in a gasoline refinery. I submitted a request to look for [our] relatives in Poland but I received no answer. We heard that a lot of people are now in the city of Lodz. (Translator: most Jew returning to Poland right after the war preferred to stay in the big cities, where there were centers for refugee registration. Since Warsaw was bombed out, Lodz seemed to attract the greatest numbers of survivors.) There is a list of [all] people who are in Poland now; possibly someone of our own. . . I [await] an answer from you most impatiently. And now dear Salus, concerning our own [intentions], we would not want to get back there, so you have to try to [come here], and then we will see what can be done. [We are] happy that you are well and that you have friends. We thank you for the photograph. [We have] a treasure by having this picture of our dear Parents. Oh, how much I would like to see [you]. I kiss you countless times, with great heartfelt longing. [Same from our dear Blimka. Regards for your friends. I know nothing of Gucia Gutman. Special regards for Rozka, Sala, Abramek and Leon]. Special regards for Zusi.

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