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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Impatient. We demand a letter from you. Why your silence?

Full Translation

Salus, I am not writing you anything because, until such time as we get mail from you, I have no more words left and nothing to write about. We are well, and we look well. We demand a letter from you, so please remember that only your letter would bring us peace. How are things with you? Are you well? What is the reason for your silence? We get mail from Palestine. We already let them know that we found you, but we did not hear from them since. I can only imagine how happy they will be. We did not get cousin Laja Dina’s address as yet, maybe it will come in the next mail. Did you write to the cousins? Forgive me for writing so little, we will reward you after we hear from you. Countless kisses form your sister Rozka, who misses you very much. Same from our Blimka. Bye, bye.

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