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Letter #


Szymek and Frymka Rabinowicz




To Sala and Mila, odd time.

Full Translation

Dear Ladies, I am too happy that you arrived safely at the place, and that you found everything in order. With us things are as usual. We got to the movies, and to the pub for beer and billiards. I delivered Mill’s letter to Moniek the dame day I received it, and he told me that he also received a letter from you. As far as smoking cigarettes is concerned I trust Sala, but not you Mila, not in the least. I know that you Sala saw the inconsistency (?) (Illegible in the original letter), while still in Hannover, and that you know that I don’t like lies. I gave your letter to your friends and I found out from her that Miss Grunbaum went to Ausbach to be with you. Please write to us because it’s very pleasant to receive compliments from such nice and pretty girls. Itka is feeling a little better. We received 2 packages from Palestine. I have exhausted all the news I wanted to share with you, and so I kiss your hands, but really mine. Szymek

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