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Like a ship rocked by a storm. Longing for Mundek, fear of losing him. Asks for advice, you know how to handle men. Sends regards to Mila, Sala, Michel, etc

Full Translation

I am trying to keep our agreement of sending out mail once a week, even if there is no special news to communicate each time. As you know by now, Jakub Goldberg, Bluma’s fiancée is alive, which makes us very happy. I would like you to write to him, as you probably are not far from each other. Here again is the address, which I have given you once before: JUdisches Komitee Stamsried Kr. Roding Niederbayern- Oberpilz, Germany. We can hardly wait for an answer. Now Salus I don’t know if the mail sent directly to you is being received by you; this might throw us off balance again. With us everything is as it was, meaning well. Blimka works making sweaters and I am a loafer, but I spend my time pleasantly. I would be better to be together with you. I hear that relatives will be arriving here in March – Did you register? How are things with you? Are you well? Are we to believe that you are well off? Forgive me for such stupid writing and such scribbles, but I am somehow very upset. So now I have to accept the fact that our Moszek is dead. How terrible! I thought maybe he was saved from those from those murderous paws. Unfortunately, he was not. What a pity! I mourn him quietly – it cannot be helped – oh! We receive very warm letters from Palestine. They will do whatever is possible to bring us there, and when I filled out a questionnaire concerning emigration, I indicated Palestine. Is it true that transports leaving from your area are going to America? I will write more next time. Be well. A thousand kisses from me and Blimka. Best regards for Mila. Write often. Maybe you will come here with the transport. Don’t be angry that I write the way I do, I shall do better next time. Hope to see you soon.

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