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Letter #


Rozkio Ziegler




Surprised at your silence. Probably don't think us worthy, sarcastic. Heard you didn't want us to know about your wedding, snotty tone.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I am very surprised at your silence. You don’t write to us at all, and I wonder if you think that we are not worthy to receive a few words from you. I heard that you are angry at me but I don’t know why that should be. I wrote to you several times and received no answer. Maybe the letters didn’t reach you, in which case they would have been returned to me. I also heard that you were supposed to get married, still, you did not let me know anything about it. That’s really nice of you, I must say, but nicer still is that you told Szmulek Rabinowicz not to tell us that you are getting married. Sala, I cannot believe this is true! Dear Sala, please write to me in detail, about everything. How are things with you, and did you really get married? Whom did you marry? Nothing new with us. We received a letter from Palestine telling that Mr. Fred, who once laid out the game of solitaire for you, is now in Palestine, and that he gave them our regards. Baila (?) [Pola(?)] went to Bergen today. I was sick for a while but, thank God, I feel better now. I send you my best regards and kisses. Best regards from my husband. Your cousin Rozka Ziegler P.S. Please Sala, let me hear from you right away. Be well. Rozka

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