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Zusi Ginter




Congratulations on Sala's wedding. You acted as foolishly as I did, but you know that it's good.

Full Translation

Hi Sala, We congratulate you on your marriage and we wish you much happiness and all the best. Family Bloch Dear Sala, I apologize for writing on this kind of paper, but you know that we are in a camp. Sala, with us things are the same, and we are well, Sala, you acted as foolishly as I did! But you know that it is good! Isn’t it so? It is true Sala, that we received 2 letters from you, for the wedding, for which we thank you very much. I did not write anything new here. Kisses and special regards for your husband. Family Bloch Dear Sala, Sala, I received your letter. I was sure that you would come to my wedding and I was disappointed. Sala (illegible) There is no mail for Michal. We are well and there is nothing new. I kiss you countless time, Lusia, Karol and Motus Bloch Regards for Michal and Mila Lusia

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