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Full Translation

Dear Sala, Since I have an opportunity to write to you again, let me congratulate you, first of all, and wish you all the best as I would wish myself. Salusia, I still wish to meet you in Palestine. As they say, there is no place like home, and we know where our home should be, in a place where nobody will have the right to throw us out or murder us. We must secure our legal Jewish existence so that we could develop, as all others do, both culturally and economically. We need to build a future for our children with the assurance that it will be both good and happy and will provide them the awareness of a patriotic Jewish soul and not the awareness of the diaspora where anti-Semitism will alwys be taking root everywhere, as it did with the Nazis. Salusia, I don’t think you are angry at me because these are my thoughts always. Why should I talk myself out (or write about it) to you again? I know that destiny would have it this way, still man is master or his own fate so you will have to come with your husband to our Palestine and be happy, for the happiness of an entire nation is the greatest happiness of each patriot. We must be patriots! Please excuse this scribble, but my hand is bandaged. Send me a picture of you with your husband. Salusia, be well and be happy. Lusia P.S. Cesia isn’t here so she cannot write this time. My address is: Lancberg a Leck (?), Kibuc B--------tiw, Arnoldstr. 36 Blok 40 Dear Sala, I happen to be in Gusta’s Kibbutz, so I am writing a few words to you. I congratulate you, and I wish you much happiness and a good fortune with your husband. I saw your picture at Sala Grynbaum’s and since I think that I shall be at Sala’s next week, we will see each other. I have no more time to write. Shalom, Fela Fiszel From Young Folks

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