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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Still halven't heard from Sala, do not let us worry so much, for it could do us great harm. Write, we worry.

Full Translation

Our dear Sala, Still nothing from you, Slowly, slowly our concern grows. Is it possible that you do not receive any of our mail? And are you well? Be assured that we await any news from you impatiently. Do not let us worry so much, for it could do us great harm. Sala_ Do not worry about us. We are feeling fine and I have finally left the hospital. You will most probably get angry because I keep writing the same thing, but we don’t know which letter will reach you, so that we have to keep repeating ourselves. Today we received some mail from Palestine. I wrote to them that we found you. They want us to tell them about the things we lived through. Of course I wrote right away, and I poured out all of (my) our bitter experiences, and our despair. Again, here is their address: Josek Wellner, Tel Aviv Bilu Str. 6, Palestine. You should write to them too. I end this letter kissing you countless times, Sala. Please write to us, as Blimka too expects to hear from you. We are not together and 12 hours of traveling time divided us. However, we do correspond with each other. Both of us worry about you. Your Rozka Give our sincerest regards to Zusi and her friends. Also best regards for your friends.

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