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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Received letter from Sala and Sid, what does it mean? Writes to him in English. Sad to be separated again.

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, Your letter, your letter and his – what does it all mean? A partially comprehensible puzzle, which I expect to solve when your promised detailed letter arrives. We have not received it yet. We are surprised. We don’t know whether we ought to congratulate you on your engagement, or whether — oh, I have no words to express our feelings, etc. However, if what we suspect did happen, we wish you both much happiness, from the innermost depths of our being, happiness in your new life. May you, our dearest Salusia never, never again, know suffering. May he, who is walk with you on the road of life, give you true happiness and act as your protector. Our joy is boundless because your happiness is also our happiness, just as long as your loneliness is our loneliness. I am thinking just now how our dear Parents would have been delighted had they lived to lead you, the youngest child in the family, to the wedding canopy. And what pleasure and joy that would have been for the entire family. Meanwhile, from afar, the only two surviving sisters whose most fervent desire is to be reunited with you and to hug you close to our heart, can’t even dream of it. Fate wants it that way, and I do not resist it. As I see it, for the time being we must be satisfied just writing to each other. Who knows if that will not be our way of staying in touch forever. But oh God, what thoughts took hold of me. I cannot even stop my tears, so let them flow and maybe they will relieve my great longing, which is turning into madness. Because, because – well, that’s how it has to be! However, let’s not lose hope that someday we will be with each other. Let me tell you Salusia about our situation here, which is difficult to describe. We are pretty well off, but will it turn out to be our lot to be separated always, and to live on some temporary basis? It is true that our cousins will do everything possible to bring us over to them, but that is not feasible. Only the nearest of kin are taken into consideration, and Sweden is even more removed from it. The kibbutzim, the Jews from the occupied territories, etc. . .Besides, we desire to be with you and because Blima, as you know, has a fiancé. We would try to bring him over here, and then possibly try to return there. In other words, we really don’t know what to do and we are waiting for your advice. Salusia, did Moshe Leib. leave by now? I wanted to write to him, as Laya Dina asked me to, but if he is not there any more, there is no sense writing. How did he look? Oh yes, about your picture Sala dearest, you do look pale. Why do you weigh so abnormally little - 51 kilograms? Oh, how this hurts us. We are heavy, yes Sala, maybe too heavy, and you . . . . We would like you to put on some weight. We are too heavy, you are too thin, be careful so you could at least stay healthy. To answer your question as to what was wrong with us, my lungs are almost cured. Sala, be glad that I have no damage left; may my health continue to improve so that I could get rid of all sickness. I must have hope that I will be well and that I will walk like normal people, which is difficult for me now. I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope that I will regain my strength. Blima is working and is feeling well now, but there was something with her heart. We are not surprised, but it will pass. I feel that if we were together our health would reach a 100% victory. And now Salusia, as you can see, we are writing a few words in English to Sharia [Sidney]. Please explain to him that we did not write it ourselves, so the expressions might not be too beautiful. He could write again and we shall answer him. Is he Jewish, and what kind of relationship do you have? We are terribly worried because you did not supply us with these details. We live in great expectation and we long for you and maybe for both of you. I think that I should now end all of this foolishness of mine, and say goodbye, goodbye, and send you thousands of kisses. Your sister, forever longing for you. Rozia and Blima Salusia, we wish you a good life, good life, good life, separately and together. Best regards for Mila Goldberg. Is she still with you? Mila, I wish you much happiness and good luck in life. Trust in a better and brighter future, which must come. Your devoted sisters of your girlfriend Sala, who wish to see you happy and healthy. Farewell. Dear Sharia! We thank you very much for your letter. Now we hear the first time about all these things which you are writing to us. We are very happy to know that my sister found a man who is interested in her. We believe that it will be her luck. We would like very much to see her and if it is only possible, please, make your utmost and come to see us. Don’t worry that we don’t understand English. You can always write to us in your own language. Now we are ending our writing with the best wishes for You and we remain sencerely your Bluma and Rosa

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