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Raizel Garncarz




Your silence is making us frantic. What are your plans? Heard from Blima's fiancee. Is it true that one can go to America from Germany? Enclosing……

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, Well, you are silent again and it’s making us frantic. Salus! Does our distress have to go on forever . . . . ? Will we ever again know peace? Even if we were strong and healthy, if we had no worry any more, if we ate the best food it would not compare to knowing what is happening in your life. It would be our reward for everything . . . . . I keep thinking all the time what will finally happen, and how we are going to communicate with each other properly. I don’t know. Oh, God! Only one letter from you in answer to the many letters we sent. What am I asking for? Only for us to stay in touch, by writing to each other. Isn’t it time for us to finish with all of this by being together and lessening this suffering? Unfortunately there is just so much, so much, so much which we cannot change. We cannot even utter a deep sigh as not a thing can be undone, and we must be eternally separated from our dear ones. If at least you were here, we would be much relieved. Meanwhile, there is no sign of you. Salus, don’t you know how much pain we feel because of it? I could not even describe it. I understand that you too might feel the way we do, for how can we be sure that our letters are reaching you, and that your worry about us is any less than our about you? Well, I want you not to worry about us. Blimka is working and she feels well, thank God. She misses you a lot, as I do, which is not good for us. Salus, let me tell you some news that will make you happy. The x-ray test results of my lungs show that I am cured, and I also feel better. Now I hope that my strength will return to normal. How is your health, Salus? We were supposed to get mail from you every week, and here it is almost four weeks, and we heard nothing from you. I want to believe that you as still feeling well. How do you spend your time? Here, it is quite lively and it’s a pity that we are so far away from each other. Is it true that one can go to America from Germany? What are your plans, Sala? We signed up for Palestine, but who can tell how long it will take us to get there? We receive very moving letter from Palestine, as well as congratulations on having found you. They ask whether we are in touch with you, what you write about and in what camp you are living now. They send their warmest regards to you. Salus, I don’t know whether you received any of our letter, where we informed you that Blimka’s fiancé is alive. We have received no mail from him so far, and I want to ask you to contact him. I will give you his exact address so maybe we will be able to find out something definite about him: Jakub Goldberg, Judisches Komitee, Stamsried Kr. Roding, Niederbayern – Oberpilz, Germany. Other than that there is nothing special to report. Our only desire is to be together, so that those 1,000 kilometers which separate us would shrink, and we would be near each other, near each other . . . . . forgive me Salus for signing off now, as I want to write a few words to Mila. In conclusion, I wish to add that we wish, we wish, we ish to unite with you. I am enclosing my latest photograph, which was just taken. Do not laugh that I don’t look pretty. After all, I cannot expect the picture to be better than the original. I kiss you countless times. We miss you. Your sisters, Blima and Rozia Best regards for Zusi. Dear Mila, I truly don’t know where to begin, as I cannot gather my thoughts lately. I can only say that I am happy that our Salusia has someone with her who is, as you said it yourself, a part of her past. People who went through the camps (it’s a rare thing that there should be no mark left on them) are mostly nothing ---- with some exceptions. I would like to hear some good news about you as it would give me a lot of pleasure. We feel close to you as to a sister and we consider you one. We wish you happiness and success in life. I just remembered that you wrote about not having (illegible) there, and nobody to be popular with. My eyes are burning so I will finish now. I bid you goodbye and I kiss you heartily. Your sisters, Rozia and Blima Remember, take care of your health. I wish you good tidings.

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