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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Still eager for news. Did you hear from boyfriend?

Full Translation

Dear Sala, There is really nothing to report since I wrote to you only yesterday. I keep sending you letter after letter because I am afraid that you do not receive our mail. You might get at least something out of all this mail, or so I believe. Itka receives letter from Zusi all the time, but we received nothing else. We don’t know how to address our mail, and what worries us greatly is that we received only 2 letter from you. We are waiting anxiously for an answer to at least one of our letters, so that we could be assured that we can communicate with each other directly. Meanwhile, as if on spite, nothing happens. If I knew that (I can write) to Jewish, I would ask for the return of my letters. (Translator: This sentence was not clear in the original, so I added “I can write” and still I was not sure of the word “Jewish”). And now, Salusia, we would like to know how you are, if your health is good and which of your friends is with you. Did you send any mail to Palestine? We received no news from them, so please write to them as well, and maybe they will respond. And what is new with your boyfriend? Did you also register to go to Sweden? We received no answer from Stockholm so far. Maybe after the holidays I will have a chance to go to Blimka, since I was unable to do it while I was in the hospital. I hope that just as I got rid of my hospital life, after so many months, so I will live to see you here. We are very eager for it. Do not worry about us at all. Thank God, we are well, But you do have to write to us, to write all the time, just as we are doing. Itka Gunter (?) was here yesterday. Touch wood, she looks well. I plan to visit there next week. Lea Golender, in glasses, from 10 Kollataja Street is here too; they used to attend “Bnos.” When Itka found out that I am here she came to visit me. It is pleasant and lively here. 2 kilometers from us is a family-type camp, which we visit, but I have to admit that it’s nicer and better here. Oh, how anxiously I await you here, so you could see everything for yourself. We hope that this too will come, as I trust it will, because I am longing to see you. I end this letter by kissing you countless times. Your sisters Rozia and Blimka If you wish to write to Blimka separately, here is her address: Bagasunds sag Borasvagen, Ulriechaumn. Give my regards to all your girls and acquaintances.

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