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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Your silence is of your own choice. Must be that the mails are unreliable. We miss you. Blima making sweater. Have registered you for transport to Sweden. Still eager for news.

Full Translation

Salus dear, Your silence is of your choice. Should I be accusing you of it? Oh, no! I will not allow the idea to enter my mind, that you are so inconsistent as not to live up to our agreement of writing regularly, every week. Is it possible that none of your mail to us ever reached us? In that case I will agree with you that the postal services cannot be trusted. That is the only reason why I write to you by way of Bergen, and I bother to trust Zusi to mail the letters to you dear, as the letter from Bergen are sent out promptly. I know that it causes Zusi trouble, but, unfortunately, I have no choice. We are in a frenzy because of worry about you and because we miss you. Salusia dearest, we don’t know what to do any more. Maybe you could write by way of Bergen, as there is no other way. Words fail me and I don’t know any more how to express our bitterness, loneliness, and the constant silence of yours. Salusia, I will not write much, as I don’t know what to write. I would like for you to go to Bergen, as we registered you for a transport to Sweden. I submitted your own address, but I doubt they would look for you where you are now. Therefore, I think that it would be best for you to be in Bergen for that reason. May God allow for this long-for moment to arrive, when we would be together again after such a long separation. Things are the same with us. Blimka workd making sweaters, and thank God she feels well, but she misses us. I still cannot be with her, but don’t worry, I am well by now and with a little more time we will be together. I wish and I hope that I will be able to be reunited with both of you, when you arrive here. This is all for today. I kiss you countless times, as does Blimka – your sisters who wish to unite with you as soon as possible. Best regards to Mila. I cannot write to you Milusia, as I am very upset. Forgive me. Kisses, Rozia Salus, I am enclosing the address or our cousin-uncle Alter, so you could write to him and tell him that his sister Laja-Dina keeps writing to him all the time. His address is: Jud. Komitee. M.L. Feldman, Landsberg, Deutschland.

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