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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Description of Blima's life, cooking for herself. Raizel left hospital and in convalescence. Asks about Sala's future plans. Reminds her to remember.

Full Translation

You have no idea how happy we were to find out from Itka Gunter that you received the letter we sent through Zusi. I am very grateful to her for it. We are beside ourselves with happiness, even though we have received no answer from you so far. Apparently, it has to take longer. Maybe you could send your mail to Zusi, and she would forward it to us. Itka Gunter was here just now. As I wrote you, we are separated by about 7 to 8 kilometers. I was very happy to have her visit me here. Salus dear, we are very impatient because we have had no answer from you. How do you manage? Do you have enough to eat, and do you have clothes to wear? We did hear that it’s very good where you are, so everything would be just wonderful if only we could have a letter written by you personally. We think of you at every move, at every meal. Blimka lives in a private home and she cooks for herself. She writes as follow: “I am cooking broth, noodles and beans, food that both of you do not have. What good is it, if I cannot share it with you? It pains me that you cannot eat the things I cook. If I only knew that both of you have such food! I even have challah, but I cannot eat it.” And so, our dearest Blimka cannot swallow her food, for she is not sure if we have enough to eat. Thank God I feel better, and I left the hospital where I stayed. Now I hope that I shall soon be all well, so as to be able to reunite with Blimka. Meanwhile, we are separated by 1,000 kilometers. When I am well, we shall be together. When I visited her, she didn’t know that to do with herself out of sheer happiness. Dear Salus, if you could come here, you would be together with Blimka. There are rumors that there will be open emigration to go abroad. What do you plan to do? We don’t know any more what we should do. Dearest one, who are you with? Let’s hope that you are with friends. Did you find out anything concrete about our brother? We do get mail form Palestine and we received a letter from our cousin Moszek Chaim Garncarz. He asks us not to forget our ancestry, and to remember what kind of parents we had. Oh, God! Could we forget them even for a moment? No! No! No! Dearest Salusia, if your situation allows it, please remember the Sabbath in honor of our dear Martyrs, as they surely require that of us. Our cousin also asks us to keep kosher which, in spite of our best intentions, we cannot do. Other than that there is nothing of special interest. I will end now, anticipating to hear good news about you, with longing. A million kisses from your sister, who desires to see you as soon as possible. Blimka who that God feels well too, send countless kisses. Regards for all your friends. Looking forward to seeing you. Hang on! Special regards for Zusi.

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