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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Received letter from Palestine. Looking at him one can almost imagine the suffering of all the Jewish people on his forehead and in his wrinkles.

Full Translation

Greetings Sala! I just got your letter back from Blima. I won’t let it out of my hands and press it tightly to my heart, as if I am afraid that someone will again tear you away from me… We received some pictures of our cousins from Palestine. The daughters are beautiful, but he and his wife look awful and exhausted. Looking at him, one can almost imagine the suffering of all the Jewish people contained on his forehead, in his wrinkles. He keeps reminding me to remember our heritage, and not to stray from the path that our parents wanted us to follow. As much as possible, for the sake of our dear ones, we must try to follow in their footsteps. They suffered so much on our account, and I too caused them trouble. I was no angel. I keep thinking about it all the time and it bothers me. What can be done? One thing you should know, Sala, is that the acknowledgement of one’s guilt can mitigate it, but only if one starts to reform oneself. Let us forgive each other everything, and together ask forgiveness for the sins we committed against our dear parents. All alone, all alone, in peace and quiet, and filled with our own thoughts, we must be satisfied by self reproach ….and rectification through good deeds. Raizel

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