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Letter #


Blima Garncarz




Description of life in sweden. Taking good care of her. She is cook. Heaviness on her heart as they prepare sabbath. Asks Sala to go to Bergen so she can be sent to Sweden.

Full Translation

Our dear Salusia, I decided to write separately, even though Rozka and I are of one mind when it comes to writing to you, and we are in constant correspondence. My decision to write to you was so that I could give you this pleasure now, for I was concerned that you might be worried about me. You don’t have to worry about me, not it the least, as I am well, thank God, and I might even go to work after the holidays. I have it good here. I am with people who are interested in us, and who try to help relieve our sadness. The Swedish women treat us as they treat their own children. We have a private apartment, for 4 people. Prior to that, I was in a camp. Now our life offers more privacy, something that we really longed for. I do not lack anything, and all I need is you, Sala. What great joy that would be if you were here to eat the food I myself cook, for that is the work I am doing so far. I am the housekeeper for my 3 roommates, who go to work. They love my cooking. I prepare for the Sabbath just like at home. Even fish and wine, everything. We make the Kiddush. But oh, Salusia, it pains me to realize who joins me at the table. Everyone a stranger, even though we do get along well together. We feel sad because Sabbath reminds us of so much, therefore I do have to admit that my heart is heavy. We are so far apart, and I don’t know whether I should believe it when you write that things are well with you. I guess I just must believe it, since I cannot convince myself of it personally. In the picture you look quite frail, which worries me a lot. We look much better. I am enclosing a picture which is not really good. Rozka will send you another one, next time. She could not have her picture taken because she was not going out. Thank God she finally left the hospital. I hope that she will regain health after all her suffering. It’s about time. It causes me a lot of pain that I am always separated from her. If I only had you with me here, Salusia! Most importantly, before I forget, go to Bergen. I submitted a petition concerning your coming here. I wrote that you are in Bergen, as it is easier to leave from there. I am anxiously awaiting the results of our efforts. May they be fruitful. I am extremely impatient. I kiss you a thousand times, with great longing, Your sister Blima. Goodbye. Best regards and kiisses from Rozka. Special regards for Miss Zusi and for all our acquaintances. Excuse this scribbling, but my pen broke. Hope to see you.

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