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Regina, Zefek, Hana




It was foreordained that you should get something better. Left a few broken hearts behind. Good luck on your new path of life. Both authors append thanks to Ala

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Finally, a letter from you. I keep reading it and starting it again and again, becuase it is hard to believe that you are so far away from us. You described your life quite articiscially , you are a romantic and maybe that is what took you so far away. You daw a beautiful panaorama and that little red house in which you would like to live with...biut don't worry you know the waying that there is a time for everything (I should only believe it). Sorry, but he should be reminded of Mickiewicz that "how much one should appreciate you, onoy the one who lost you will know" (even though I doubt that he thinks otehrwise, even for a minute)> Apparently, it was ofreordinaed that you should get something better. I hare you left quite a few broken hearts. Enough about strangers, now about me. I am surprised that you give me such advice. I am foolish, I envy you, I am strangely distracted not to break down. There is nothing new here, thank God all is well. I am glad that you found a kindred soul, I understand what she means to you. I bid you farewell a hundred times, and wish you much happiness on your new path of life. From the bottom my heart I wish to see you happy becuase you desdrve it. have hope! Be strong and remember that man must travel through life on all kinds of roads. Best regards for your Ala. I wish I could be together with you. Sincerely, Regina My dear! Finally, finally, a letter from our Sala! What happiness after so many days of waiting in vain. It probably is not your fault, since the ltter travelled almost 2 weeks. The main thing is that now everything is 'in order', srt of, for what kind of order can there be without you. What happened, happened. One has to accept it. I am happy that you found such a dear (or is the descrtiption too modest) companion, whom I love and appreciate very much, even though I don't know her.e I understand what she means to you. According to what you write, I see that you are happy becuaseof it... {handled by our censor..they should only take such a heavy letter} Hana

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