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Sounds like another Army beau. The military is only temporary, hope to visit soon.

Full Translation

Miss Sala, I was hoping to get a leave of absence and to visit you, but it did not turn out that way. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I cannot help it. I was surprised one day to be advanced to the rank of Sargent, by special order. I would not mind it, if it only meant a pay raise without additional duties, however I had to accept it. I am only sorry that I cannot visit you, in spite of my promise to do so. I am writing to you because I cannot be quiet and sit still when something bothers me. Miss Sala, it is not that I wanted to brag when I just wrote what I did, but because I wanted to explain my silence. The military is only temporary, as far as I am concerned, and none of the rank advancements appeal to me. I am writing this short note because I don’t know whether you will receive it directly. Still, I am awaiting an early response and hope to get it. As soon as I know that you are still there, I shall try to visit you. If you are in our area, in the meantime, please don’t forget me. I am signing off now to await your letter, impatiently. Best regards and kisses. Kazik (friends from Fran. . . ?)

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