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Letter #


Sala Rabinowicz




Our lives are so different. You live in a different world. Mentions Gucia

Full Translation

Dear Sala, After such a long silence, Gucia and I decided to write you a few lines. We received Regina’s regards. Our hearts were so happy. We almost thought that she was together with us. We are speechless that she’s still thinking of us. You, dear Sala, should have the same kind of greetings from you girl friends but, unfortunately, we’re in such a daze and we don’t have the time. And our thoughts are foggy, too, we have no energy or patience to write to you. Yours is a quiet life, you have no worries. The days pass quickly with work and you don’t have to worry about tomorrow. But we---- I’m working as usual. There’s nothing new at home. Gucia also works from early in the morning till 7 o’clock. Chaneia tries to get an assignment for her brother from the commission and, I believe, he will go away to work also. Bala and Hela don’t work, but they’ll get work one of these days. Mojzesz and Majer went away to work last week and many people we know, including Szpiro, also. Dear Sala, write me immediately, if my brothers are still in Geppersdorf, I’m very curious to know. Now, Sala, we have some good news for you.(?) We have nothing but worries. I have to end my miserable letter here. And write us something. You live in a different world, there are so many new things going on and we are curious to know about everything. Give regards to my brothers. Regards and kisses from all of your girlfriends. Regards to your Ch. We’re waiting for a reply. Fela, Sala, Gucia

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