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Unknown Author


Date Unknown



Full Translation

My dear child! Don’t worry about me as I hope that nothing will happen to me. The situation in the office is stifling. My nerves are taut. Poor Chawa suffered. Something hangs in the air, here. A lot of insinuation, failings, ambiguities… If you only know how each one watches the other! Oh, good God! Still, “miracles” take place that nobody even dreams about. I swear to you, girl I am innocent. A strange and complex coincidence of events. I think that after “the liquidation” of certain personalities, there will come a period of calm. I feel very sorry for Bernard, but I cannot help it in any way. In addition, “our offsprings” will finally destroy my nerves. Will I ever have a moment of peace!? Don’t I deserve it?! Adas, whom you mentioned, is very much on my mind. Don’t worry, I will not betray him! I am most grateful to you for your wise and loving words. You are invaluable. But watch me! Ala

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