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Letter #


Jakob Goldberg




Introducing himself as Blima's fiance. Describes happiness at finding her after way. The luckiest man in the world. Looking forward to meeting Sala.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, First of all I want to tell you that I am well, and that I would like to hear the same about you. Dearest Sala I can report that, even though you don’t know me, I am your sister Bluma’s fiancé. We became engaged during my trip to Sosnowiec when I was on furlough from camp, and you were in camp at the time of our engagement. Not long ago I found out that Bluma is in Sweden, so I came to Bergen-Belsen to wait for a transport, which will be leaving for Sweden any day. Until now I lived in Sztamsried, Kreis Rodding, 80 kilometers from Regensburg. Dearest Sala, I can tell you that I am the luckiest man in the world, having found my fiancé, your sisted Bluma, unexpectedly. If I didn’t have to wait for the transport to Sweden, which could leave any minute, I would go to visit you and share my impressions with you. However, if you could come here, meaning to Bergen, we could go together to Bluma. I did not know anything about Bluma for seven months, but apparently God has ordained that I should find her. So far I had it very good, and thank God, I didn’t lack anything. However, I found nobody. My only hope was Bluma, and it so happened that destiny, being a stronger force, did allow Bluma to survive. I am very proud of it, and I believe that we will be happy together, all our lives. There is no one dearer to me in the whole world. Dear Sala, I would gladly meet you and get acquainted with you, since you were not at home at your dearest sister’s engagement. I hope that we will meet soon, all of us, because as our proverb says: “two mountains could only meet when the world comes to an end, but two people will find each other somehow.” Dear Sala, write me and tell me how things are with you. When you do, us Bluma’s friend’s address: Klauser, Rozia Bergen-Belsen, Lag. V, B1.43 Szt. 34. Should you come here while I am still around, you could find out about everything in detail. At any rate, do come. I must finish writing because my paper ends here. I send you my fondest regards, and I kiss you many times, and remain always faithful to your sister Bluma. Jakub Goldberg

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