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Raizel Garncarz




Incomplete. Things have been in a turmoil. It isn't the administration business to know about the things you mentioned. She's distracted. Might belong with 418

Full Translation

[first part missing] . . . it is very interesting, please write us all about it. As it is, we don’t know the truth and we want to know what you meant by this. Well, dear Sala, we are always happy to receive mail from you. We then always talk about you and get the feeling that you are close, even though you are far, so far. We just sent you a parcel as you wanted. The coat we just added afterwards, when Miss Landauer came here an hour later, otherwise we would not have put it in there and have sent the parcel without it. Well, what did I want to say by this? When Blima had thoroughly tied up the parcel with a string, we didn’t stop for a second to talk about you and, of course, we cried and cried. Who knows, where we will be? Every few seconds, I have to gather my thoughts writing this(?) But, let it be, things will be okay. From Mila there hasn’t been any news yet, nobody knows where she went. Oh, how bitterly mother cries about her lot. I even told her it was better now than several years ago, when she was so sick, but her mother’s heart will not be calmed. I heard that you also wrote to the Kolerankis, but I haven’t seen it yet because we have seen little of each other lately because things have been in a turmoil(?) (keimlich) here. And how are you? . . . Please excuse me, I can’t keep my thoughts together or write in a proper style, I can’t help it. Maybe next time, I’ll be able to concentrate better. Yes, please don’t worry on account of Majry or Blima not being there (?). They’re back home again.... Mother still doesn’t leave the house. By the way, they will not confirm this but we already received (?) the things. It isn’t the community [administration’s] business to know about the things you mentioned in your letter. So, you shared the syrup with the children and they liked it very much.... Moniek and Haniek cried because you didn’t send them any, he forgot long ago “na korce wagieh”. I told them that you will come in person with the presents for Moniek and Haniek. Salusia asked why you didn’t come and that’s what I said to her and knock on wood, that’s how it will happen. Oh, how we all would love to see you. Yes, finally I’m remembering something, something new. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, that is...

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