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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Asks for news, write soon. Thank God 3 are alive, though in different places. Her minds drifts to the past, and she jolts back.

Full Translation

Our dearest Salus, I continue writing to you, even though I sent you a letter only yesterday, because I wish that could get news about our existence as fast as possible. Oh, and how impatient we are_ Now at least we know that there is someone far away who thinks about us. Oh, and how I tremble and how my heart oines with longing that we may be reunited after such a long separation. We are worried about you. How do you manage, and how is your health? Do you have clothes to wear, and food to eat? Salusia, we have no peace and all our thoughts are turned toward you. We beg you, dear Sala, please write about yourself in greater detail. When did you arrive in Bergen? Why did you leave the place? Are there any other friends with you, besides Zusi, and did you look for anyone from our family? We still have no answer to our questions, even though we write so often. Our only happiness is that at least we heard from you. Salus_ As far as we are concerned, there is not much to write, since there is nothing new. It’s hardly necessary to say that we survived terrible suffering, as you kow it from your own experience. It is Saturday night, and there is sadness in our hearts. Thank God three of us are alive, though each one in a different place, while at one time, in the past, just at this hour there was such joy at home. Father was attending to the Hawdalah, as our dear mother was cleaning up after the Sabbath. And now, oh, ________ nothing of it remains. . . . . . . . Well, Salus, we have to console ourselves even though it is difficult to do so. Do not worry about us, we feel fairly well. Forgive me for this kind of writing, it’s not really my style, but just now I have an awful headache, which should pass soon. I am writing in spite of it, since I do not want to wait. In the first letter I gave you an address in palestine, but since I am afraid that the mail won’t reach you, I will give it again, Josek Wellner, Tel Aviv, Bilu Str.6. Chaim Wellner, Tel Aviv, Javne Str.19, Palestine. I do not know Laja Dina’s address, though I asked about it many times. Well, what else is there to say? Before I started writing I had loads and loads to tell you, and now? . . . . . But we do demand letters from you, Salus, written the way you used to write to us, when we were still together with our dear parents and sister Lajcia with the grandchildren. Do you remember our dearest Salusia, Lajcia’s daughter also Moniek and Heniek? Oh God_ . . . . Our only goal now is to be reunited, and I am doing whatever is in my power. You should do the same, to get out of where you are. You could ask to be sent to be with me. They might send you, since you are healthy, in spite of my being in a sanatorium. You must exert pressure to accomplish it, just as a woman did who arrive here, without even being registered. She simply insisted stubbornly that she must join her dear ones, who are here. I just received a letter from Blima. She writes that she doesn’t know what’s happening to her, for she is afraid that this beautiful dream will end. She only wishes that we should all get together very soon, in good health. It is high time. Amen___ With great happiness at having found you, and with deepest longing, I kiss you countless times hoping that we will meet soon. Best regards for Zusi. We would like to have your exact address. Dear Salus, we celebrated Hannukah, in a most literal way, by renewal. May God allow us to unite again, as this is our only goal in life. I am convinced that you will come here because you are smart, and all you need to do is find out how to go about it. Most importantly, we should all be lucky. Amen. We will send you a picture. (translator: unsigned, written most probably by sister Rozia) Dear Zusi, Best regards from me and my sister. As far as coming here is concerned, you need to pursue it over there. Best regards for your dear ones. Good bye.

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