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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Hope we can send you matzo. We are all going to Hokilo. I didn't see much of our dear brother.

Full Translation

Sala. Oh well! Our joy receiving mail from you is beyond words. Thank God for that. I’m happy to hear that you received the little parcel and now you’re expecting mazzos. Well, if we will get niazzos - and meanwhile we haven’t heard anything about that - you will have them too, be assured. But by the looks of it, we won’t get any. We don’t understand anything about this “packing eau de Cologne”. Lajbek wanted to make it interesting. I would like an explanation what you meant. You asked how things are going with us. Thank God, there’s no trouble, we are well and everything is fine. Don’t worry about us, however, we’re constantly worrying about you. To be honest, I have nothing to write about. I would like to write you a lot, but about what, I don’t know myself. You spoke about your birthday then, yes, we were all together then. Concerning Chaja’s son, the danger is over. Our dear Mother and I went over and when we arrived, we didn’t meet him at home, he is completely well again. Sala, you ask about our brother. I hardly know more about him than I know about you, because we hardly see each other. You know, after all, what it’s like here. But there’s no use worrying about such trifles. By the way, he came here to see us, 2 or 3 weeks before Purim. Well, and you still haven’t received any mail from Ala? I reckon you’ll have mail from her by the time you get this letter. It’s odd why she doesn’t reply to our letter, didn’t she mention it? We will be at Hokilo Dattner’s tomorrow. Blima already went to see him, but he wasn’t there. He is working now. Lala Przepiorka is already home, after three weeks at the Skladowa, she is with us again. Otherwise nothing special. Warmest regards and kisses from our dear parents, sister, husband and children. Warm regards from Blima and Jakub, who sent his regards by mail. The Ujard family is presently visiting with us and they send their regards. I just wrote a letter to their son Abram, he was sent to another camp last week. Maybe “wystarae” (?) will come home on vacation for the holidays. We would so, so, so much like to see you. We would be so happy. [Rozia]

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