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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Spoke to Itka by phone. Now has Sala's exact address. Got mail from Palestine who encourages them to remember religion. Come to sweden.

Full Translation

Our dear Salus, I spoke to Itka Gunter by telephone just now and I felt a heavy load lift off my heart. She gave me your exact address so I could write to you directly. My happiness has no bounds! I know from Zusi’s letter that you did not receive our letters and that too gave me some relief. You cannot imagine our suffering before we could establish decent contact with you. Now we are going crazy! With God’ help, I hope to receive mail from you in a few days. Just thinking about it makes me insanely happy. I immediately wrote a card to Blimka to tell her that I received regards from you. She will be so happy! Salus, we are so eager to know how things are with you, if you are well and how you spend your time. Who do you associate with, and have you found out about anybody . . . . . . . . .? We received some mail from our cousins, the Wellners, from Palestine, as well as from Moishe Chaim Garncarz. He writes with great feeling and reminds us of our heritage and of our dear Parents, so we could follow in their footsteps, etc. I wrote back to him saying that unfortunately the conditions here do not afford us the opportunity of eating kosher and keeping the Sabbath. Since I do not work, I do not keep the Sabbath, but Blimka has already started working, so she is not able to do it. She lives in a private house, 4 women in one room. I did live to see the day when I went to see her and you and Salus can be happy, for I spent 3 days with her. Throughout my visit you were the subject of our talks. We missed you at the table and we felt your absence at every step. Everything was prepared as well as it could be, which reminded me a lot of the customs of home. Regrettably, we were in the midst of strangers, united with them only by mutual suffering. There was even a guest who make “Kiddush,” and presided over the table. . . Blimka was beside herself with happiness at seeing me in her home. We are separated by a 15 hour train ride. I have already left the hospital and I am now in a “convalescent camp.” I think that I will return to normal health gradually, because it is getting nearer and nearer to that stage. One think I know for sure, if we had you here with us it would certainly influence our health for the better. Salus, we heard that a transport will be coming here and we don’t know what to do. Remember, do whatever you can and if you are in Bergen, you could somehow join it. We live in great anticipation of this possibility. Again, Sala, I will give you the addresses in Palestine: Moishe Chaim Garncarz, Tel Awiw, Hatikwa (?) Palestine. Josef Wellner, Tel Awiw, Bilu Str. 6, Palestine. Chaim Icek Wellner, Tel Awiw, Jawne Str. 19, Palestine. Jakub is together with him, so you could write to them. There is nothing more I could write, as I am waiting for at least one letter from you. I send you loads of kisses and I miss you so much. Rozka Same goes for Blimka. Give our regards to all your friends. Sifra Rajzman is wiht me. Goodbye. Special regards from Itka Gunter to you and to her sister. Keep well. We want to have you here!!!!!!!!!!

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