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Ala Gertner




Sorry haven't written. Working hard to get you out but losing hope.

Full Translation

My dear child. I’m sure you’re angry that I haven’t written you in such a long time - but if only you knew what I went through. My Mom was sick and besides, we have an awful lot of work now in conjunction with the new “Aktion Arbeitseinsatz” [Project Work Deployment]. I’m still trying to get you here. They keep making promises but, frankly, I’m beginning to lose hope. As I was told, women are not supposed to go along. Let me know right away where He is. I have been waiting and waiting for news but, unfortunately, he is silent. I’m working every day around the clock. I like working now because this whole business is driving me mad. I was very involved in the last project. You are mad and don’t write me either. Your sister wrote me a card regarding your case but I written her yet about what steps I’ve taken. I have no patience, no time. Your sister is certainly angry but what can I tell her? I do what I can, maybe you’ll still get out after all. I implore you not to be silly and to reply. I’m waiting impatiently for news from where Bernhard is. I kiss you, Your little Ala

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