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Letter #


Frymka Rabinowicz




Apt overcrowded, and hard to exchange. Addresses herself as well to Mila.

Full Translation

My dear ones, I received your letter and I thank you for it very much. Please forgive me for not answering it right away. We were planning to move and I wanted to give you the address of our new apartment. Unfortunately, we do not have it so far, because apartments here are so overcrowded that it is even hard to exchange one apartment for another. Therefore I am writing to you so that you do not dream up again some fairytale about girls from camp. I feel very well, even though Szlamek and Frymka say that I don’t look well. Itka is feeling better. She is blooming like a rose, but her illness is based on lying down. There is nothing else to report. How is it with you? If it will give you pleasure I will visit you some day, though I don’t know yet when that will be. Sala, the pictures which you asked me to develop are in my possession, but I am not enclosing them because the letter might get lost. I will bring them with me when I come to see you. I see Moniek almost every day and he just told me that he received a letter from you Mila, and that he might send a letter through someone. And also in this case I ask forgiveness for not writing to you; primo, I had no time, and secundo I was planning to write this letter anyhow. I am waiting for a letter from you and I send you my best regards. Szymek Hannover, February 4, 1946 Greetings, dear ones, Szymek finally wrote to you after a long time, but it’s not his fault that it took him so long to do it. For a few weeks now we are not on speaking terms with the old woman, Beinsow, and we live on the 4th floor in her place. I don’t know if you had the honor of meeting her. At this time we cannot get another apartment and yet, we cannot remain here either. In addition, I have not been feeling too well the last few days. Something is bothering me, but it will pass. I should not be telling you all this, but I am sharing my feelings because I feel so open with you. I was in Bergen last week. I would gladly live there but the food is not too good, besides I cannot leave the boys alone. And now Sala, concerning your going to Sweden, it is quite impossible, unfortunately. However, you could bring them over to be with you. I read Szymek’s letter to you—“I shall visit you some day”—I really would like to know when that some day will be. But Sala, don’t mention it to him, he might get angry at me. Otherwise there is nothing new. Itusia feels wonderful. I got some plaid yard goods for a dress, but I don’t have a seamstress here. I altered a dress I had, but it did not work out, so I hung it in the closet and there it hangs. The boys are angry because they don’t understand us. Isn’t it so????? What’s new with you? What kind of company do you keep, and you Mila, where do you find consolation? A few days ago J. Goldberg was here and we spoke about you because, quite by chance, there was a girl here who was in the same camp with you. Write to me as soon as you can. Special regards for the small girlfriend. I bid you farewell. Frymka Regards from Szlamek, who is not writing you because he left, as usual, “verajzt”.

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