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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel writes a frantic letter to Ala after hearing that Ala and Sala had a falling out and no longer speak with one another. She implores Ala to forgive Sala, and invokes both her family's concern for the situation and Sala's own lauding of Ala as "a great and divine person."

Full Translation

Dear Miss Ala, While I am sitting down to write you this letter, I am very sad and upset as never before! A Miss Leiber came to see us and gave us regards from my sister Sala. To the question, whether she knew anything about the relationship between you, she replied, of course, that things used to be fine between you and my sister, but that now you were apart now and didn't speak with one another any longer. Good Miss Gertner, can you imagine how this hit us? No, you can't, there are no words to express this. The news filled us with grief. We can't understand how this happened. Formerly, she always wrote that Miss Ala was to her like a mother, this is what she wrote: Dear mother, as long as I am together with my Ala, be reassured, let nobody worry about me. No mother treats her child as kindly as Ala, my Ala, treats me. At now this out of the clear blue sky, Miss Ala! On behalf of my dear and caring parents, on behalf of our sister, please forgive her if she did something bad. She certainly did not do so out of vindictiveness, it's probably just all a misunderstanding which may be clarified. We implore you, please forgive her, she is still young and inexperienced, she didn't mean badly. As she kept writing us, she always considered you a great, divine person, the personification and embodiment of everything good and lovely. Everything I write you, Miss Ala, is no exaggeration and the truth a 100%. Now, it was meant to be that she had to hurt you, Miss, with something? Oh no! Three times no! You just misunderstood each other. I believe that someone with my sister's disposition can be forgiven and be on speaking terms with easily. Surely, you will also do so on account of my parents, who have been very dismayed since the moment they heard the news. Miss Ala, everybody can make a mistake in life, particularly someone who is young and innocent, as is the case here, so it seems to me. Don't be unforgiving about this, it is so unlike you. Miss Ala, just think of my parents who are so unhappy on account of this. I believe and I am sure, that you will not refuse [my request]. Now enough. I ask you not to misunderstand me, I had wanted to hear good news, and this depressed us all very much. I conclude with warmest regards to you, respectfully, Rozia Garncarz. I am sure that my letter will be successful. Will you please, despite all, give regards to Sala.

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