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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel writes about the increasingly difficult material conditions surroundings their family, including that they can no longer afford stockings for Blima. She mentions their reliance on the Jewish community. In the second half of the note, Raizel thanks Ala for looking after Sala

Full Translation

Dear Sister Salu, Yes, we did receive your letter and how much joy it gave us! I received the letter in the community [center] and I cried and cried without knowing why and every time it's the same thing. After I brought the letter home everybody was crying also. Now, dear S., we received quite a number of regards from friends. A certain Obstfeld came to see us and reported much about you. Dear sister, you can get much accomplished through the Jewish community. Mr. Merin and Mrs. Czarna did not give us your regards. We were very upset when you wrote to us that we should receive regards through them and to see how they behaved. Dear Salu, you wrote about stockings and that you didn't have any to put on. Unfortunately, we cannot help you in this regards. Blima, excuse the expression, goes about entirely without stockings. Just imagine! Since you left, she hasn't been working. I imagine you get the picture now. We are very distressed, but what can we do? However, we figured that the community might send you some, if you just write to them. We have to send soap by all means, even if it's impossible for us. And we will send you everything that you want and even more. Dear Sara! Maybe you can get a ration card, once you get paid there and then you can buy them there. Or, if you can't buy them there, just send money and we will buy them here. Needless to say, silk stocking are out of the question, they are too expensive. We shall see. Right now, butter is unavailable and sugar can only be had occasionally and only, if you have the money. In that case, we will not wait and send you some immediately. But enough of this. Dear Salu, you can't imagine how happy we were to read that you have a special room with the two "biuralists" with whom you have a good relationship and that you can be together with your "Alinka". Dearest Salu, how happy we are that you have an overseer like your dear Ala, we have no words to express our appreciation for her. If you will permit us and you won't be ashamed of us, I will write her a long letter. But, my goodness, what happened to your finger? We heard that it is swollen. Write to us, we are very worried. Now, what else? There is always more to write than one can and during writing one tends to forget much. Dear Salu, if you possibly can, take the opportunity to learn typing, it cannot hurt. If I should have a chance, I will try to learn typing here, too. You are probably getting tired already of reading my letter, which isn't as interesting as yours which are always more interesting and composed stylistically very well. Something else, Salu: You write that you are a different person and really, we would like to see you as a different person and you know for yourself in which respect. Now, enough already! What else could I write you? As you know, everything here is as always. Thank God, we are all healthy and if we only could earn a little money and had no trouble, if Blima, too, might have some work, then we might even be able to help [you] a little. We all hope that God will not forsake us, one just mustn't loose faith.

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