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Letter #


Mila Goldberg




Interesting, reference to Janosch. Suffering from being misunderstood and shunned. Worried that Sala will scorn her.

Full Translation

My dear Sala, At the last minute I found out that “our people” are going your way, so I am not missing this opportunity to write ti you, even though I am afraid that this writing will not even reach you. I am entwined in an awful net of intrigues and I hope that you believe in my innocence. Since I wish you well, I write only a few words so as to rehabilitate myself. Were I to serve you as a bad example, it would be most unfortunate for us. Sala, will you understand from these words how very unhappy I am? How I suffer? Do you know why? Because after eleven months in camp I didn’t change a bit. In vain were the attacks and tricks of others. In fact I did have a friend Jarosz ___?___, but I sent him away at the first opportunity, because he suffered a lot. And I was the cause of his suffering. Everyone was against our friendship. They call me the young “widow.” I am isolated from everybody and that makes me unhappy. Only solitude gives me some satisfaction. There is a certain Rozia Watynska and she is my confidant. We are bound by inseparable ties and we love each other, which helps sweeten my bitter moments. She means everything to me. There is also (entire line illegible) a young lady who went with you to Brande and (illegible) is my good friend. It is she who should have given you proof of my innocence. Please write to me and tell me what you think of it, I beseech you. I wrote a postcard to you last week but since I could not mail it, I am adding it at this occasion. You will understand. I have kept everything which I brought along, when I arrived here!!! I am bewildered and I am writing laconically, but you will understand me. I beseech you, please write to me and tell me how things are with you. Write about everything. If you do not write I will know that you scorn me!! Sala, I am the embodiment of suffering!!! It would be a great victory for me if I could see you. What a pity that I can’t! That’s fate. I send you my regards and kiss you a hundred times. Your always the same, Mila Farewell!!! Don’t cry. The sun will always shine! Justice must rule the world and innocence will come to the fore. I send my regards to your “sweetheart” and to all our acquaintances. Sala, do you have at least a bit of pity for me?

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