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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz


12/23/1940 (Letter appears to indicate July, not December)


Raizel asks Sala to include more details about herself in her letters. She also inquires as to whether Sala received the Opaska (care package) that the family sent via the Jewish community. Raizel finishes with regards from various parties.

Full Translation

Dear Sister Salu, I write to you again. We received your card of 12/15 only on 12/20. We are very surprised, why you write so little about yourself, we just don't understand this. Therefore, we ask you to write more and also let us know whether you received the "opaska" (I'll have to check a Polish dictionary) which we sent through the Jewish community. Now we will send you the "fornie" for a jacket; why don't you write what you may [do]. There is nothing new to impart from us, everything is as it used to be and we are, thank God, well. We hope to have good news from you. Don't you want to come here on vacation. We hoped that you would come home for a while. I really don't have more to write about. Salusia keeps asking why you don't write to her and when you will come home. Henick and Mandell keep asking the same. I already told your girl friends to write to you in German. They are very unhappy about that because they can't write particularly well [in German]. Now I conclude with kisses and regards from our dear parents, Blima, Much, Laj's Dina, Dawid and children and special greetings from the Seligman family. You asked whether Blima was working and what we live on. Well, Blima, unfortunately, does not have work. I do, as you already know, Father also works some times. Don't worry about us, the most important thing is we are well and make a living. Be well! Rosia. Give your Ala regards from us. Write to us soon.

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