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Letter #


Sala Garncarz




Sala's love letter to Harry, passionate, she gave him freedom, thinks of Harry when looking at the mountains.

Full Translation

. . . when I go to work and look at the mountains, I think to myself, “maybe you didn’t even come here on... Come Harry, come to me, I’m so scared. Even though hundreds of kilometers are between us, nothing can separate us. You will always, always be mine. We always thought it wouldn’t come to this, but it has and this is the cruelest ..., I don’t even want to remember this moment, your tear- stained and drawn face - oh Harry, I ask you, tell me when will all of this end? Oh Harry Cygan (gypsy), when, when?” Believe me, now I feel better. I go to bed and think of you all night. Are you happy, my black...? . . . I have to get up, there’s never a chance to be on one’s own and when I get home at night all worn out from work, I send all my thoughts to you. My dear Gypsy, how I’d love to look into your black eyes and run my fingers through your hair; I always used to love that. Harry, when we were still together. I would have liked to say so much and if I said it now you would be happy. But now you are so far away and I don’t know [what to think]. Do you still think of you sweet Salusia or is she already gone from your mind. Do you remember that I told you, I gave you all the freedom [you wanted], I don’t want to tie you to me? You are still entitled to do as you please, it makes me happy. You are so far from me now and can gain some clarity on this now. The rest we will leave to fate and wait patiently...

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