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Regina Kap??




Birthday greetings. May your desires be fulfilled so you and Harry live in freedom. Let evil pass you by. May your next birthday celebrated in joy and freedom.

Full Translation

Hallo! Hallo! Occupants of Camp #20 Did you hear today’s announcement? Well, on March 5th Salusia Garncarz is having her birthday So I am joining the celebration, To offer her my congratulation, On your birthday, Salusia dear, I hasten to express my sincerest wishes: May your desires be fulfilled speedily So you and your Harry can live in freedom And never again know adversity. Let happiness shine on you, And let evil pass you by. Let there be hope in your heart And don’t pay attention to people who are bad, Since we won’t have to suffer here forever. There will yet come a time When someone will liberate us And take us far away from the barracks. May your next birthday Be celebrated with your loved ones, In joy and freedom. Best Wishes, Regina Kap

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