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Have forwarded 3 letters from your sisters. Encourages her to go to Sweden. We have nice room and radio.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, By now I have sent you 3 letters from your sisters. Sala, people here say that a transport will be leaving for Sweden but they don’t know when. Sala, do whatever you can. Sals, how are things with you? With me all is as it was before, we moved and we have a nice room and a radio, and all conveniences. Sala, I have written a few times, but I don’t know if you received my mail, I get mail everyday from America, England, Belgium and (?) also from Itusia, who is well but feels lonely without me. Sala, I have to end now because I have work to do. I kiss you. Your friend, Zusi Best regards from Motus and Hanka (?). Sala, I wrote to your sisters and sent them your picture and I wrote a lot about you. Dear Lola (?) and Sala, How are you and how are things with you? I wrote a few letters to Lola but I don’t know if she received them. How is your Michal. What kind of life do you live? Why don’t youwrite at all. Nothing new otherwise. Salusia, I send you regards also to Michal and Lola, from Zusi, Karol and Motus Bloch

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