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Ala Gertner




Haven't heard from Sala. Might come to see you. Am concerned about you coming here. Bernhard still in Geppersdorf, with hope and optimism, sends love.

Full Translation

My dear little Sara, I'm wondering why you're writing so little. You know that I'm interested in everything, how you live, what you're doing. There might be a possibility of my coming to see you. Wouldn't that be nice! My God! Such a coincidence, but it's not for sure, nothing serious yet - just a depiction of the situation. I've been thinking about you all the time. I keep talking about you on all occasions and I'm very concerned about your coming back here. Is it possible to write to Bernhard directly? I still have a lot of work - my dear Mom is sick, but one mustn't lose hope. With hope and optimism, I kiss you, yours, Ala

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