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Ala Gertner




Ala sent pajamas and nightgown. Can't wait, have to get you out. Yesterday I ironed my laundry but you're better at it.

Full Translation

Good, little "Sara", Several days ago I sent you pajamas and a nightgown, so you should be warm. Please write what else you need. I'm at your disposal any time. But maybe you'll come home to me soon?! What [do you think]?!? Little one, I won't wait any longer - I'll have to get you out. I assume that "seamstress" is written all over you, right? How often I talked about our being together? Such memories! My cousin Fela took our photo home and gets high on it. Unfortunately, I have no contact with your family. What is your sister's name? I had to part with my camera - I did it with great regrets. I will have to sell the "harty". Many things have changed, but you will certainly find work in the shop. Please write about the two new women, you know, I'm curious. How is it in your room? Who is in charge now? Yesterday I ironed my laundry, but you're better at it. How is Mrs. Kaphan doing? Sarenko! Just don't lose hope, everything will be fine. Be good - ha! I kiss you - Yours, Alinka How are my colleagues Kaufman and Silberstain?

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