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Letter #


Bernhard Holtz




First letter to Gross Sarne. So now you've left Geppersdorf.

Full Translation

Dear Miss Garncarz, Thank you very much for the lines you wrote me. So now all of you have left Geppersdorf, after all. So where has the whole lot gone to now? “Kebuhrer”, Bernstein and, most of all, Offrnan. the “premedic”? Is Kaufmann still with you? I received mail from little Ala recently. Everything’s fine with her! Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity meeting with her while I was in Sosnowitz on 6/8.-(has Mehier told you about this, maybe?!- Several weeks ago, I requested a copy of a guideline sheet for work deployment leaders from Gebührer. Would he kindly send it to me? Where is Mrs. Hordiner? Of the Silverstein brothers, two went home. I discovered one of Ala’s “great cousins”, a Mrs. Palach of llkenau. - Well, how are you? Are you still working as a seamstress? What have you been hearing from home? Please drop me a couple of lines one of these days. Best regards. Bernhard Holtz Please give regards to my brother, Natan Herman. Hala Herman Best regards to all Geppersdorfers. Else Traubner

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