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Letter #


Ala Gertner




A love letter from Ala in which she describes her love for Bernhard Holtz as "a deep silent love [that] is flowing between us."

Full Translation

There is so much longing, a tremendous yearning for love. A deep silent love is flowing between us. He knows, I know, we both know, that this love is hopeless. And yet, we're carrying it in our hearts, carefully, like a precious object entrusted to us, a holy object, a wonderful treasure. His entire being and soul quietly flows into a tremendous feeling. He is driven to me as if by a cultic force. He gives me something subtle and timid. He is young, so young. His blood is boiling...restless often. We are feverish with love. He is asleep now. I hold myself back. He holds a pencil in his hand and when [fragment ends] Ala

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