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Ala Gertner




Thinking of your willingness to make sacrifices for me. Looks forward to sleeping together. Bernhard is Hitschberg. Blechhammer dissolved.

Full Translation

My dear child, I'm wondering why you are silent. I have been waiting for news from you, please don't keep me waiting so long. I wanted to give you a surprise and send you a warm sweater and a shirt. Let me know, whether that's permitted. The parcel sits here, waiting. How are you doing, my little, sweet Sarenko? What kind of work are you doing? I keep talking about you, of your willingness to make sacrifices for me. The sun will still shine for us. I would like you to be with me. Sleep together, Sarenko, in one little bed. Wow! By Jove! How long will we have to wait? Bernhard is in Hirschberg, Blechhammer has been dissolved. How is Welf doing? Stay well, little, beautiful girl - Many kisses, yours, Ala. Best regards to Mr. Harry Haubensteck. Write immediately.

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